Geneva, Switzerland; New York, New York, USA; October 13, 2021 TingTech LLC, the decentralized application developer, is further expanding its push to bring mainstream consumers to blockchain by announcing the white-labelled Archer Music NFT marketplace. The marketplace is powered by SonoCoin’s blockchain and hosts a range of both static and dynamic NFT collections in the form of limited-edition artwork, videos and customizable record plaques.

Archer Music have decided to open the marketplace by offering exclusive NFT collections from duo Alex & Rus and entertainer, Olga Buzova. More NFT drops and artists are expected to be released in the following weeks.

As mentioned in the last press release on August 27th, the non-fungible token configurator was successfully soft launched to the DROPmusic.io marketplace. This technology enables users to fully-customize NFT assets, such as record plaques and has been incorporated into the Archer Music platform.

SonoCoin is uniquely positioned to enable big brands to deliver richer user engagement and unique experiences, such as digital ownership, provable scarcity, data-over-sound and NFT configurators in addition to offering access to a global, open ecosystem at launch. Coupled with innovative technology that allows for scalability without compromising decentralization, SonoCoin offers unparalleled user experience for mainstream audiences.

About Archer Music Productions

Archer Music Productions is a top-tier Russian music and distribution label founded in 2012 by Aram and Tatiana Archer. The company manages over 100 artists including renown singer and entertainer, Olga Buzova. Other activities include concert and touring operations, product placement for brands in clips and films and brand awareness services through social media partnerships.

Visit: https://archer-music.ru

About SonoCoin

SonoCoin is a native proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to host audible friendly tokens. It combines smart contract technology with breakthrough data-over-sound capability.

Visit: https://sonocoin.io


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