Geneva, Switzerland; New York, USA, February 13, 2021 — SonoCoin is excited to announce a new listing on Estonia licensed exchange STEX with the trading pair SONO-USDT planned to go live on February 16, 2021, at 9.00 AM UTC.

STEX is a centralized exchange (CEX) launched in September 2017. It is a licensed exchange located in Tallinn, Estonia and listed on CoinMarketCap. A listing on STEX exchange brings SonoCoin to the platform’s 300,000 registered traders with an average daily turnover $50 million. A STEX listing marks the first time SonoCoin is open to traders in all U.S states with the exception of New York, Washington and Hawaii. The exchange allows 3 types of verification that help users reduce trading fees by up to 0.05%. It supports crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto trading with no withdrawal limits.

Founder & CEO, Leon Afanasyev says, “I’m pleased to unveil the latest development in our ongoing efforts to provide further exposure of SonoCoin on a global-scale. Collaborations with like-minded organizations such as STEX, are fundamental to achieving greater recognition for our emerging industry.

We are committed to ensure a smooth onboarding to the new xchange, so please do not hesitate in contacting us through our telegram group or via email:

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About STEX

STEX is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia, Operated by Etna Development OÜ with 2 licenses:

1) Financial services, Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency.

2) Financial services, Providing a virtual currency wallet service. Check the STEX exchange on CoinMarketCap.

About SonoCoin

SonoCoin is Swiss blockchain venture offering white-labeled data-over-sound solutions to enterprises based on its native blockchain protocol. The coin’s .WAV file format gives anyone the power to transmit value and information using simple methods of delivery such as sound (similar to Shazam), messenger, QR and Bluetooth, etc. SonoCoin’s blockchain platform is a “b-to-b-to-c” (b2b2c) model, where SonoCoin builds data-over-sound solutions for businesses upon its blockchain network.

Build with Sound — the first audible token network