Geneva, Switzerland; New York, New York, USA; June 23, 2021, the first non-fungible token (NFT) platform incubated by TingTech LLC and launched on the SonoCoin blockchain, is on schedule to debut on July 15th, 2021. DROPmusic brings fully customizable NFT record plaques to the music industry. The dynamic collectibles come in the form of tiered digital record plaques composed of a multitude of individual customizable parts, all in the form of NFTs. Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers will represent the intrinsic value of the NFT based on the level of rarity and customization.

Developed for music megafans, increased level of fan engagement is made possible with ‘Fan Zones.’ Pioneered by TingTech LLC, Fan Zones host a range of gamified activities including exclusive content, decision-making polls, timed trivia, lotteries, and leaderboards — each dedicated to an individual musical artist. Each community is equipped with their own ‘Fan Ca$h’ token that can be earned while engaging and collected for greater influence on decision-making polls or used to purchase NFTs and VIP merchandise.

Comment from Founder & CEO of SonoCoin, Leon Afansyev, “We expect to provide more meaningful connections between artists and fans when combining hyper-customizable NFTs with fan engagement tools. Additionally, two major components offer unrivalled value proposition to artists; first, NFT personalization offers new revenue streams to artists not available elsewhere; Secondly, the TinTech-powered Fan Zone dashboard provides music artists valuable insights into the demographics and preferences of their audience — something arguably more valuable”

The DROPmusic website and mobile applications are in BETA. Feel free to check them out., iOS, Android

About DROPmusic

DROPmusic is a fan engagement NFT marketplace and mobile application for the music industry. Each artist has a dedicated Fan Zones hosting exclusive content, limited-edition NFTs, decision-making polls, timed-trivia and lotteries. Fans engage to earn branded virtual tokens to spend on VIP access, NFT upgrades and exclusive merchandise.


About SonoCoin

SonoCoin is a native proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to host audible friendly tokens. It combines smart contract technology with breakthrough data-over-sound capability.


Build with Sound — the first audible token network