Geneva, Switzerland; New York, New York, USA; July 13, 2021- As DROPmusic goes live in two days, the SonoCoin team is hard at work innovating key components to deliver unparallel experiences to NFT collectors. This includes sound based NFT drops between artists and fans and a configurator for NFT composites.

Shazam™, the song identification software and application owned by Apple Inc. was the first mainstream adoption of sound recognition technology. Still popular today, it remains limited to cross referencing sound frequencies of a music source to a database of registered songs. SonoCoin developed the underlying technology further by making it possible to encode and decode data by linking it to the blockchain. The DROPmusic initiative has turbocharged innovation in SonoCoin’s data-over-sound capabilities with plans to rollout the world’s first NFT drops via sound. Artists will have the ability to broadcast NFT assets to fans through the DROPmusic mobile app, similarly to Shazam for songs. NFT drops on social media live feeds, during concerts, inside of songs and music videos will now be possible at large scales made possible through broadcasts. Currently being tested, the full release is planned for September 2021.

DROPmusic record plaques NFTs give owners the power to personalize their assets based on preference. Rather than purchasing an AI generated NFT in lottery type fashion where the results are randomized (think CryptoPunks or Meebits), users can pick and choose individual traits. Every time a new trait is purchased, the NFT evolves into a newly more personalized asset (each of these being additional NFT transactions on the blockchain.) This is made possible with SonoCoin’s next-gen smart contracts where assets are personalized via a user-friendly NFT configurator — a ground-breaking advancement in the NFT space. Each record plaque will have 6 to 8 separate NFTs depending on the plaque’s edition (silver, gold or platinum). Each slot is interchangeable, meaning users can switch elements in or out and trade them individually on secondary marketplaces. The configurator is planned to be live end of August, 2021.

Comment from CTO, Gleb Palienko, “DROPmusic is the culmination of blockchain, data-over-sound and music technological innovation packaged into one. I am incredibly excited to see deeper fan engagement between artists and fans forged thanks to the advancements achieved.”

About DROPmusic

DROPmusic is a fan engagement NFT marketplace and mobile application for the music industry. Each artist has a dedicated Fan Zones hosting exclusive content, limited-edition NFTs, decision-making polls, timed-trivia and lotteries. Fans engage to earn branded virtual tokens to spend on VIP access, NFT upgrades and exclusive merchandise.


About SonoCoin

SonoCoin is a native proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to host audible friendly tokens. It combines smart contract technology with breakthrough data-over-sound capability.



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