Geneva, Switzerland; New York, New York, USA; March 10, 2021 — SonoCoin, LLC announced today it has entered in a partnership with TingTech, LLC to provide full-backend blockchain integrations. This deal will provide a pathway to mainstream adoption with brands, communities and influencers.

TingTech is pioneering next-gen engagement by providing a hub for fan-centric activities and interactions. This is combined with exceptional board-members and advisors ranging from experts in the automobile industry, entertainment and sports industry; all of which hold valuable insights and business relationships in their respective professions.

“TingTech is a great partner and this agreement exemplifies our dedication to being the ‘engine’ in what we believe will be the platform of choice for incentivized fan engagement. Our relationship with TingTech has become a wonderfully promising endeavor over the last 6-months and I look forward to showcasing our achievements very soon”, said Founder & CEO of SonoCoin, Leon Afanasyev.

In the coming weeks, our teams expect to layout a roadmap for exclusive SonoCoin-powered technologies to be introduced to TingTech’s flagship platform, tingitâ. In the meantime, we kindly ask you to remain tuned!

About TingTech LLC

Ting is at the forefront of audio-powered experiential tech to create unparalleled interactions between the user and their environment while staying true to brand values at its core. Our digital bridge to customers increases the contact points with your audience and monetizes their participation through televised programs, online content or live events.


About SonoCoin LLC

SonoCoin is Swiss blockchain venture offering white-labeled data-over-sound solutions to enterprises based on its native blockchain protocol. The coin’s .WAV file format gives anyone the power to transmit value and information using simple methods of delivery such as sound (similar to Shazam), messenger, QR and Bluetooth, etc. SonoCoin’s blockchain platform is a “b-to-b-to-c” (b2b2c) model, where SonoCoin builds data-over-sound solutions for businesses upon its blockchain network.


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