Geneva, Switzerland; New York, New York, USA; April 27, 2021 — Today we unveil a SonoCoin-powered NFT (non-fungible token) platform with one of Russia’s A-list music productions studios, Archer Music. The new NFT platform is planned for release Q3 2021 and will be built in cooperation with SonoCoin’s technology partner, Ting Tech LLC.

Archer Music Productions was initially founded in 2012 by Aram and Tatiana Archer catering primarily to concert and touring activities but then quickly expanded its operations to music production and digital distribution. Today the music label is home to over 100 artists including Russia’s most famous contemporary entertainer, Olga Buzova.

The platform will serve as a highly secure, robust platform for collectors, artists, musicians and investors to create, sell and buy one of a kind, digital content represented as NFTs, providing a critical link between the virtual blockchain world and the entertainment industry.

Leon Afanasyev, Founder & CEO of SonoCoin, commented, “The NFT frenzy is generating massive global attention from artists — both visually and musically for investors and creators. We see this as a game changing opportunity to lead and create significant value in this disruptive marketplace. Being uniquely positioned as the only sound-based audible token network, we believe our technology will provide a superior NFT experience, one that ensures increased engagement and authenticity for artists, buyers and sellers.”

Aram Archer, Co-Founder of Archer Music, commented, “I am thrilled to work with SonoCoin and partner with them to shape the future of this new creative medium. We are looking forward to being a thoughtful curator and innovator, connecting fans and collectors with amazing content. We will be looking to push the boundaries of NFTs and bring more value to the space.”

About Archer Music Productions

Archer Music Productions is a top-tier Russian music and distribution label founded in 2012 by Aram and Tatiana Archer. The company manages over 100 artists including renown singer and entertainer, Olga Buzova. Other activities include concert and touring operations, product placement for brands in clips and films and brand awareness services through social media partnerships.


About SonoCoin

SonoCoin is an open source blockchain platform with smart contract functionality. It’s native blockchain protocol hosts audible friendly tokens in the form of .WAV files, where encrypted sound waves can be a medium of delivery (similar to Shazam). Other more common transactions including addresses and QR codes also exist. By leveraging data-over-sound technology, any form of data, including digital value, images, videos and links can be broadcasted and captured by 1000’s of individuals simultaneously. Use-cases include token airdrops, incentivized engagement, and advertisements.


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