Geneva, Switzerland; New York, USA, June 25, 2020 — SonoCoin is pleased to announce its intent to form a commercial partnership with Digital Planet Studio, a production studio company focused on animation production, virtual production, and motion/performance capture. The company is led by 25+ year veteran Producer, Irfan Merchant. His past clients include MTV, Universal, Paramount Pictures, CBS, NBC, Disney, Viacom, Warner Bros. and Netflix.

The aim of this partnership is to build upon SonoCoin’s white-labelled data-over-sound fan engagement enterprise platform. It will include Mr. Merchant’s latest venture, HARD MODE, a talk show targeting gamers, broadcasted on ESTV set in a virtual world, where characters from video games are the guests. Furthermore, the show allows for a peek behind the curtains for a chance to meet the creators, writers and actors that voice the game. Utilizing SonoCoin’s cutting-edge ‘Watch & Reward’ mobile wallet technology, viewers will be encouraged to engage in real-time for special offers, promotions and rewards.

Comment from SonoCoin’s Founder & CEO, Leon Afanasyev: “We are thrilled to be exploring new verticals for SonoCoin technology by helping enhance viewership of the HARD MODE virtual talk show. It’s a true pleasure to be working alongside Mr. Irfan and his team.”

“We are excited to enter in a partnership with Sonocoin. We believe their technology is game changer not just for our show but for all gamers.” — Irfan Merchant Creator and EP Hard Mode

About Digital Planet Studio
Digital Planet Studio parent company of Mobile Motion Mocap and Hard Mode is an animation, production, and motion capture studio that inspires artists within the entertainment, gaming, and film industries. DPS provides motion capture, hologram, 4K Production, studio builds, and post-production. For 25 years we have been a key contributor to many popular films and games such as Marvel Deadpool, Disney Vampirina, and Madden Football.


About SonoCoin
SonoCoin is Swiss blockchain venture offering white-labeled data-over-sound solutions to enterprises based on its native blockchain protocol. The coin’s .WAV file format gives anyone the power to transmit value and information using simple methods of delivery such as sound (similar to Shazam), messenger, QR and Bluetooth, etc. SonoCoin’s blockchain platform is a “b-to-b-to-c” (b2b2c) model, where SonoCoin builds data-over-sound solutions for businesses upon its blockchain network. SonoCoin uses a Proof-of-Stake protocol (PoS) where members of the community owning a specified amount of coins has the possibility to join the consensus algorithm and create new blocks in return for rewards.

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