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Geneva, Switzerland; New York, New York, USA; March 3, 2022 —, a Ukrainian-based interactive music platform with a global digital presence, have signed an exclusive contract with SonoCoin to introduce non-fungible token products to their growing list of musicians and communities. specializes in uniting, growing and monetizing fan communities. At its core, ‘Artistclub’ pages become individual hubs where musicians post content, stream live concerts, sell music or tickets, offer premium memberships while gathering analytics on fan engagement. The platform is undergoing regular system-wide developments and experiencing a high influx of new content providers as they plan to pivot their focus to expanding fan offerings.

SonoCoin is to provide the full integration of NFT sales inside Artistclubs so that the user experience corresponds to Show4me’s overall branding, vision, and mission. Primary goals and outcome are a fully functioning offering generating new revenue streams, increased fan engagement an access to self-minting non- fungible token tools for artists.

For Fans: Unique collectibles are likely to drive more conversations and offer better ways to show their support for independent musicians.

For Musicians: Non-fungible tokens will increase the monetization of their Show4me profiles via direct sales and memberships. If successfully implemented, artists stand to benefit from the global phenomenon of NFTs and will be positioned to exploit the opportunity long before it becomes mainstream.

The scope of work for phase I of will include tooling for minting and delivery of industry standard NFTs through the website’s Artistclub profiles and provide fans the ability to store, purchase and trade digital collectibles. plans to integrate SonoCoin payment gateways allowing token holders to purchase Artistclub memberships and in the future, non-fungible tokens.

“Music fans are some of the most devoted, passionate audiences around and we see the development of NFTs with exactly that in mind,” said Karen Chiftalaryan, CEO, Show4me. “We are working closely with SonoCoin to develop a captivating and engaging virtual experience that shows appreciation for musiciansand their diehard dedication, while incorporating exclusive real-world opportunities for fans to take the experience to the next level of appreciation.”

Stay tuned for progress and updates!

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Show4me is a unique ecosystem that allows fans to subscribe to, follow, and interact with their favorite artists, discover and watch online events, listen to music in a wide variety of genres, buy concert tickets and music albums. Show4me provides a concentrated music-only social environment with no distractions or ads. It provides fans with direct access to their favorite creators.


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