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New York, New York, USA; August 4, 2023 — We are thrilled to provide you with an update on the exclusive partnership between Show4me.com and SonoCoin, which aims to revolutionize the music industry and elevate fan experiences to new heights. Since the announcement last year, we have been hard at work, and we’re excited to share the progress we’ve made and the developments that lie ahead.

Throughout the past year, our teams have been collaborating closely to bring non-fungible token (NFT) products to Show4me’s interactive music platform. We have encountered challenges along the way, but we have overcome them with innovative solutions.

Our main focus has been on developing the necessary tools for minting and delivering industry-standard NFTs through Show4me’s Artistclub profiles. Our goal is to ensure that this integration aligns seamlessly with Show4me’s branding and vision, providing a captivating and engaging experience for both musicians and fans.

For fans, we are pleased to announce that unique collectibles are currently under development and will soon be available for purchase. These exclusive digital collectibles will allow fans to show their unwavering support for their favorite independent musicians and deepen the connection between artists and their devoted audiences.

Moreover, we have been actively seeking feedback from musicians, fans, and the wider community to ensure that the user experience meets and exceeds expectations. Your input is invaluable in refining the platform and adding new features that resonate with our user base.

The partnership between Show4me and SonoCoin represents a significant step towards the future of music and fan engagement. By empowering musicians with self-minting NFT tools, we aim to democratize access to this groundbreaking technology, positioning artists to leverage the global phenomenon of NFTs before they become mainstream.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Show4me community for their unwavering support and enthusiasm throughout this journey. Together, we are redefining the music industry and creating a vibrant ecosystem where musicians and fans can thrive together.

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About Show4me

Show4me is a unique ecosystem that allows fans to subscribe to, follow, and interact with their favorite artists, discover and watch online events, listen to music in a wide variety of genres, buy concert tickets and music albums. Show4me provides a concentrated music-only social environment with no distractions or ads. It provides fans with direct access to their favorite creators.

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About SonoCoin

SonoCoin is a native proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to host audible friendly tokens. It combines smart contract technology with breakthrough data-over-sound capability.

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